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Welcome to this week’s 1-Minute-Tip! 😊

Hello, how are you? I’ve been busy writing articles and rewriting a client’s website, so this time I’ll share some fun and handy copywriting tools with you. They are great – even if you aren’t a copywriter!

Tip 1. “Edit Anything” (free)

If you need to rewrite a client’s website, or if you just want to try a few new things on your own website, this free Chrome extension is useful and can be a lot of fun (use responsibly 😉). With Edit Anything, you can edit any live website instantly. It doesn’t actually change its content, but you can view what new headings or text would look like on the site.

Tip 2. “Natural Reader” (free)

Natural Reader is a great proofreading tool. Often, you’ll miss typos or other mistakes if you’re just staring at the screen. However, this free text to speech tool will read out your text to you. Often, you’ll pick up errors this way.

Tip 3. “ProWriting Aid” (£)

ProWriting Aid is a useful tool that helps you check and improve your grammar, spelling and copywriting. Give it a try!

Hope these tips are useful. Let me know!

Oh, and I’m currently working on a new blog post about ethical copywriting, too—in collaboration with a lovely proofreader—so don’t miss this. 

Have a great week,


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